λ学生与来访董事合作, creatives and technicians on all of our public productions (as well as in many other areas of our courses). Working a长side seasoned professionals provides them with invaluable insights and useful experience of industry working practices. 

亚博买球登录最近采访了 艾莉绿色,她现在和亚博买球登录的 专业表演文学士 & 生产 & 技术艺术 学生对亚博买球登录即将到来的作品 新工党, about the piece, our students and the value of vocational training for actors and technicians.


I recently moved back to 伦敦 after 10 years of freelance directing in Chicago. When I got back I started chatting with Vik Sivalingam about what might be a good fit for me at λ and we talked about finding an ensemble-based play. 然后λ寄给我马塞洛的剧本, 感觉就像命运, as I knew Marcelo many years ago and love his writing. The play immediately spoke to me as an ideal ensemble piece. 

Can you tell us about the piece and your approach to the material? 

新工党 is a play about a group of young people working in a call-centre all searching in some way for their identity. 还有成长的元素, it examines how we value or devalue certain kinds of work, 以及亚博买球登录如何量化“成功”. It pulls no punches - it shows us people struggling, making bad choices and failing as often as they succeed. But it's also beautifully human, with a wonderfully irreverent sense of humour running through it. My approach has been very much akin to how you might work towards a Chekhovian naturalism, embracing the richness of the characters and mining the text for clues so that the actors have a solid ground of realism to work within, but also the freedom to play within that and make these characters their own. 

What's it been like working with λ acting and PTASS students so far?

用3做这个游戏rd 攻读学士学位是一件很愉快的事, because they're in confident in their craft at this point, 能给亚博买球登录带来很多东西. The issues the play brings up are very pertinent to this generation, 我认为, and so the questions that come up in rehearsal are often personal, so I'm asking to bring a lot of themselves and be vulnerable and open. 我认为 it's great to be able to do that within the safety of the training process. 也 our company is working with full contact and intimacy for the first time in a  time because of Covid, so that adds another layer of trust and challenge to the process. 为亚博买球登录的学生, 太, 这是一场盛大的演出, 纯血统的, full-length play with a lot of prop requirements especially, 但每个人都接受了挑战. I'm very excited to go into tech, and bring the sound and light design elements in 太.

What - if anything - is different about directing a play in the context of a drama school?

I try to treat drama-school directing as I would directing a professional show. 尤其对于3rd 年级学生, 我认为 it's in their interests that I treat them as professionals and expect the same back. When working with earlier years perhaps my focus would be more on actor-training, but for students about to be out there in the world I try to keep my process as close as possible to how I'd work out in the real world. 你得到的, 作为额外的奖励, is that there's a lot of team-building that's already been done for you. So these actors are already familiar with each other, so that helps. 也, for the PTASS students there is a team of tutors working with them as well, 所以你有了额外的支持网络, 这是伟大的.

What do you think is important about actor training? 

Giving actors the freedom to learn about themselves as performers in a closed environment, to try things out and gather skills from many different people and processes is so important in the nurture of artists. 也 I believe that it's absolutely key to providing the opportunity to experience sucess and, 最重要的是, 失败, 在他们进入专业领域之前. 没有一种方法是正确的, so actor-training gives actors a chance to experience processes which they connect with and others they don't, and learn the skills to be able to do the job either way. 我认为 it's vital to have the time in training to absorb technique and discipline so it's second nature, and equally important is learning the ability to bring your best self into the room every day (which is hard, 正确的? And 我认为 it's a skill we can learn like anything else). 

摄影:Sam Taylor


Marcelo Dos Santos' political comedy follows the adventures and misadventures of a group of graduates working in a North 伦敦 call centre. Playing 8-12 April 2022, with matinee and evening performances available. 现正发售门票.